Solving the Payment Processing Problem

Solving the Payment Processing Problem

Getting paid should be easy, but bottlenecks and obstacles often delay the payment process or stop consumers in their tracks before they complete online transactions. Grafix Softech clears the Payment Processing Funnel of these bottlenecks and roadblocks so businesses can get paid quickly for their products and services.


About Grafix Softech

Grafix Softech is a global alternative payment processing and fraud and data management solutions provider headquartered in Costa Rica. The privately-owned company launched in 1998 with current CEO Tej Kohli at the helm. With over 500 employees in # countries around the world, Grafix Softech securely processes millions of online transactions per year.

Grafix Softech focuses on delivering personalized service to businesses of every size and in every industry which enables businesses to easily and securely accept online and mobile payments while reducing fraud.

A one-size-fits-all approach to payment processing leaves money on the table from incomplete transactions and leaves businesses open to risk from fraud. The Grafix Softech team of architects delivers customized solutions to meet business’ unique needs.

Grafix Softech develops solutions based on a simple commitment —
getting paid should be easy.