What Can Grafix Softech Do For Your Business?

What Can Grafix Softech Do For Your Business?

Businesses that choose Grafix Softech for payment processing enjoy a long list of benefits that save time, reduce headaches, and increase revenues.

  • Get paid quickly.
  • Accept credit cards, mobile payments, and all major electronic transactions.
  • Track and measure performance to increase future sales.
  • Screen transactions to reduce fraud.
  • Scale up as your business grows.
  • Get what you pay for with no hidden fees or add-ons.
  • Fastest approvals.
  • Complete security.

A Powerful API Designed for Today’s Business Needs

Grafix Softech is built by highly experienced architects who understand that a powerful API that can be customized to suit any company is critical to meeting consumer demands and business needs.

Unmatched Flexibility

You can choose to use the Grafix Softech payment gateway as licensed software or on a hosted, Software as a Service, basis and feel confident that everything will work when you need it.

Transparent Pricing

Not only is Grafix Softech pricing highly competitive, but it also includes full support that other payment processing providers don’t offer. Pricing from Grafix Software is always 100% transparent, so there are no surprises. Request a quote and compare Grafix Software prices to other providers to see the difference.

Advanced Technology by the Best Architects

The Grafix Softech team of architects pride themselves on delivering payment solutions to businesses that make getting paid easier than ever. Contact us and tell us about your unique requirements. We’ll work directly with you to develop the right solution so you can reach your business goals.

Personalized Service and 24/7 Support

If you need help at any time of the day or night, Grafix Softech is available. Simply contact the client management services team during business hours, and you’ll get answers to your questions. If you need technical assistance, the 24/7 tech support team is available when you need them.

Optimized Risk and Fraud Solutions

With preventative measures built into Grafix Softech, you can reduce your business risk by screening transactions for fraud, identifying patterns of fraudulent behavior, and developing filters to minimize fraud losses.

Easy Setup and Management

Grafix Softech guarantees that your business has full transaction and payment management tools in place from the first day you launch. The Grafix Softech payment processing tools integrate seamlessly into your existing payment systems with a setup process that is so easy, you’ll be up and running almost immediately.

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