Creative Design

Creative Design

Grafix Softech is a consultancy renowned for offering some of the best graphic design services available. The company hires designers who have a wealth of experience in banner creation, HTML e-mails and animated adverts which work to attract new customers. Currently, there are thousands of e-commerce merchants competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace and any services or goods an internet marketer deals in, they have to attract a visitor’s attention instantaneously, otherwise the prospective customer will move on to a competitor’s website.

Website design

The internet is in a constant state of flux and many website designers struggle to keep pace with the changes to SEO best practice and the latest graphic design packages. Grafix Softech takes the most appropriate action with regard to site optimization. It will redesign your entire homepage if needed or adapt it to look more appealing to visitors.

Banner design

Grafix Softech has worked with many companies, with different specifications for their banners, and has consistently met client’s expectations by developing creative designs that guarantee clicks and better conversion rates. Because Grafix Softech has had a presence in the e-commerce industry since 1997, it knows what will work for what enterprise and, equally as important, what will fail to yield results.

HTML e-mail Design

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective strategies for any online marketer wanting to increase web traffic. Grafix Softech has effective tools to target a client’s desired audience. With advances in technology, it is now possible to send an HTML e-mail with full graphics so that it appears like a web page. Well designed HTML e-mails will bring more loyal customers to your online enterprise, and you can always count on Grafix for the best designs.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites appearing on the first page of a web browser’s results are more likely to attract traffic. However, some graphic elements on a website might reduce its visibility to search engines. Grafix Softech employs site optimization techniques to make a client’s website visible to search engines by analyzing the current design techniques and modifying objects which might have adverse effects.

  • Grafix Softech S.A's Executive Vice President Juan Bonilla says "Our technical and marketing teams are constantly forging new ground in emerging technologies, and new media. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most updated marketing tools and systems, coupled with the "best-of-breed" turnkey solutions.
    Juan Bonilla, Vice-President
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