CRM Software

CRM Software

Smart CRM Software for marketing insight

Streamline your productivity; improve your overall business process by implementing a Smart Customer Relationship Management tool from the leading Online Marketing Intelligence firm, Grafix Softech.

Tej Kohli, Grafix Softech founder, has developed the new Grafix Softech CRM software; a Lead Management tool that will allow your team to actually spend their time closing sales instead of organizing data manually or trying to retrieve it. Automate vital processes for your company and experience significant improvement in the way you analyze complex marketing data and establish long-term, profitable relations with your customers.

Seamless CRM Integration

Unify your data painlessly. With the new Grafix Softech CRM tool you’ll be able to link your existing applications to a flexible CRM platform, compatible with most technologies for a seamless synchronization of your data with the rest of your databases and other marketing software tools. Access all your data from one secure place and minimize the time you waste searching for data or creating redundancy by having to enter the same information on different systems.

Customisation to fit your company’s needs

The effectiveness of your CRM can be measured by its flexibility. Grafix softech CRM was designed secure CRM tool that can transform into whatever you need it to be, in order to fit your industry and your objectives. Add or remove modules, integrate third-party applications and create new fields that adapt to your business specific needs easily. No limitations should come between you and the way you visualize your data.

Fresh Data Every Time

An intelligent system like the one developed for Tej Kohli CRM tool helps segment your market and discover fresh leads for you. Up to date information, accessible much faster than ever. A Feature Rich application that will help you manage your sales teams and drive them to success. Applications like a built-in calendar, team collaboration features and more allow you to keep your data always up to date. A smart system that actually thinks and works for you.

Automate your Marketing

Leave the work to Grafix Softech CRM tool and schedule everything in advance, so that you can worry about what matters most; your customers. We offer the first and only Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you track incidents, monitor your sales funnels, schedule campaigns and more from anywhere with a few simple steps so that most of the work is done automatically. You can review the tools performance at anytime and with thoroughly detailed reporting features so that you can measure effectiveness and never miss a beat.

  • All the expertise and understanding Grafix has at its disposal is available to assist businesses to take advantage of a new way of effectively reaching customers to market products and services
    Tej Kohli, CEO
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