Grafix Tracker™

Grafix Tracker™

Web Analytics / Website Traffic Analysis / Search Engine Report Placement

Getting to know the specific aspects of your web demographics in real-time is one of the most fundamental elements for a productive SEO campaign. To be able to scrutinize who is viewing your website, ascertain the type of pages visited or even examine your highly-viewed pages is very significant in a marketing-mix. Grafix Visitor Tracker™ not only yields all the facts, but also gives you up-to-the-second detailed information on your audience behavior.

Through these attributes you can review your conversion rate, online sales, your PPC promotions, and direct mail campaigns — all with Grafix Visitor Tracker™. Not only does the Grafix Visitor Tracker™ give you information regarding your prospects’ behavior visiting the website it can also offer you information on your users’ screen resolution, OS types, browsers etc.

Following are a few key features of our web analytics tool – The Grafix Visitor Tracker™:

    • View the search words visitors use to find your website
    • Watch where unidentified visitors are coming from
    • Get real-time approach to your website visitors
    • Receive name of company and address of unidentified visitors, thus getting clarity to new opportunities
    • Get real-time accounts about which guests are most participating on your website by day, week, or month. These accounts will also furnish detailed data about the web pages visited by your guests, amount of time spent on each page, and the kind of search terms typed in to discover your site
    • Locate where the bulk of your website visitors are arriving from based on their geographical position
    • Check any visitor that paid a visit to your site by name, IP address, and even both
    • Discover the most viewed pages on your website
    • Map customers between different websites
    • Monitor visitors over time; learn about repeat customers’ behavior and preferences, thus targeting them with right offers

Search Engine Report Placement

    • Discover which search engines and indices push the most traffic. With Grafix Visitor Tracker™ you can generate search engine reports with ease.
    • Grafix Visitor Tracker™ offers keyword evaluation to use for search engine optimization and search engine placement analysis.

Chronicled Reporting

    • Website statistics about the individual visiting your web site, as well as the programs used to view your site, which OS they run, the countries they are operating from and the languages they speak.
    • The exact time of day people visit your web site and when hindrances take place.

Trend Analysis

    • See how viewers maneuver inside your web site.
    • Witness the number of orders placed by your users through the efforts of your marketing campaigns, search engine placement or other search engine marketing promotions.
    • E-mail alerts when traffic volumes are affected.
    • Illustrative depiction of web traffic trends

Conversion Tracking Features

    • Search engine marketing campaign tracking
    • View how your email promotions or PPC campaigns capitalize on customers
    • Keep a tab on intrinsic visitor information for every transaction
    • Conversion rate and order analysis
    • Website statistics for specific user defined acts, such as, trials, downloads, etc.

Other Benefits

    • Huge Impetus to Managers Gauging the Web
    • Real-Time Reaction and Performance to Visitors
    • State-of-the-art Tracking Feature Distinguishes Visiting Prospects — Including Unidentified Ones — and Observes their Actions Within the Website
    • Incorporate Online and Offline Information for an Unmitigated Business View of Your Organization’s Performances
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